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APC, a.k.a. BLACK SHARK, is a versatile 4x4 armored vehicle adaptable to a wide range of police and security roles.

With its maneuverability, perfect stability, superior on and off-road capabilities, our Special Purpose Armored Vehicle will transport police troops through risky areas under ultimate protection.

APC has a special 4x4 off-road vehicle configuration of four side doors and a single rear cargo-crew exit door and carries crews up to 12 except for the driver and the co-driver.

APC is mounted on chassis from world-class motor company, repair and spare parts are available through the its worldwide service networks.


Technical Data

Base Chassis Mercedes-Benz Unimong 5000
Engine 4 stroke diesel with direct fuel injection system,
Turbocharger and intercooler, watercooled
Emission Standard EURO 3
218 hp at 2,200 rpm
810 Nm at 1,200 - 1,600 rpm
Transmission All synchronized MB 8-gear EPS gear box
Semi Automatic
Drive Part-time 4x4
Suspension Spiral indepedent spring with Axle
+ shock absorber + stabilizer
Steering RHD / Hydraulic Power Assisted
Electrical 24V, 12 volt DC and 220V AC from Inverter
Tire 365/85 R20, MPT XZL, Runflat
GVW 12,500kg
Performance Max speed 100km
Fuel Tank Capacity 200L
Cruising Range 1600km(on-road) / 800km(off-read)
Fording Depth 1,200mm
Vertical Step Height 400mm
Turning Circle 14.5m
Protection 7.72mm x 63mm AP, 7.62mm x 51mm AP 5.56,, x 45mm
Protection Against grenades & landmines
8T high strength steel
Glass 52mm(NIJ leve IV Protection)
Front: 1780 ± 10mm x 510 ± 10mm(wide view)
Side: 780 ± 10mm x 350 ± 10mm(wide view)
3 armored steel(4mm) wing flaps
Body work Crew 12(2 + 2 + 8)
Door 5(2 at cab, 2 at cabin, 1 at rear)
Air conditioner
Hatch 2 / Locking Fuel Cap
Tractical Ladder (Hydraulic System, 8m)
Armament Night Vision(FLIR, Pathcinder Ⅱ)
Cupola 1
View Port 9 / Gun Port 9
s Search Light 1, P/A System
CCTV 2, Parking Assist System
Extinguishing System
Hydraulic Winch 1, Grenade Launcher 1

Performance Video


depth : 1200mm

Vertical Slope

70% concrete slope

Side Slope

30% on concrete slope

Vertical Step



Front LH 500mm and Rear RH - 500mm each
Front RH 500mm and Rear LH - 500mm each
Spiral independent Spring with Rigid Axle + Shock Absorber + Stabilizer.

Extinguishing System

Weight: 15kg, liuid gas, manual operated
Nozzle: 8 ea around tyre, 3ea in engine room

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